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​Takao Miyamoto
Sending a student life to baseball/motorcycle.
I want to play the intro of "glay / Beloved" and start playing the guitar.
Entered the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering aiming to become a motorcycle engineer.
In college, he started full-scale band activities and formed original bands "gorila punch" and "MIx pizza".
Debuted at the age of 19 with surfing. In March, he entered the water with a perforated wetsuit and was almost frozen.
He is interested in architecture, influenced by the people and spaces he met through his hobbies.
After graduating from university, joined a building equipment company as a construction field from the mechanical department.
​Started his career as a plumber, engaged in construction management and design of equipment, and was devoted to the interesting and harsh construction and the adult world.
At the site of a major general contractor, he pursues architectural design through a fateful meeting with an architect.
Obtained an architect qualification by self-study and transferred to a design office.
At the design office, I am dismissed from my experience so far and study everything again.
Experienced in design supervision and diagnostic research of public and private projects, and thoroughly learned how to act and think as a designer and architecture from the basics.
Independence in 2018.
YAMAHA SR400 (1983 2H6) was self-stored and returned to the biker.
Re-recognizing the fun of architectural design, and while grasping that architectural design is a vocation, he continues to the present day.
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